Sustainability as the norm is the story of new fashion label, ‘Left Edit’

Who is the Left Edit Woman and how did you design for her in mind?

Image by:  Drew McGill

Image by: Drew McGill

The Left Edit Woman is making a difference. She is detaching from society's expectations and finding her own thriving space that aligns with her values. She is optimistic about the future of change and wants to support brands that are making a difference but refuses to sacrifice personal style. She have been exposed to different cultures, seeks out unique travel experiences, and loves to document her experience. The Left Edit shopper has a sophisticated taste, embraces her own personal style and believes in human rights and environmental conservation.

Can you talk to me a little bit about why you decided on a capsule collection, and how this ties into the idea of versatility and outfit repeating?

We decided to launch Left Edit with only 5 styles, as we believe we exist in a world of far too many options. We wanted to simplify in quantity, but not colour. For us, fashion should be extraordinarily fun, exciting, vibrant and unexpected. We also built our styles with versatility in mind - the Vera Slip dress can be worn with the zipper in the front or the back and easily layered; and the Wren can be worn as a dress or opened up as a duster. For us, it was all about building essentials that make an impression - styles that show up but also have the potential to be reinvented by the wearer, depending on how they infuse their own personal style into them.


Tell us a little bit more about why it was so important for you to produce in L.A and support the local manufacturing industry?

When you are creating a brand, it’s difficult not to think Global. You start thinking about growth, scalability, and opportunities for expansion. For us, we had to decide early on how we were going to go about manufacturing. There are many ethical factories abroad, some of which were personally recommended to us by colleagues, and their offerings are alluring - especially considering the benefits brought with the margins, but we kept coming back to community. There is that famous saying “if you want to change the world, go home and love your family”. To us - this local community is our family. At the end of the day, we want to support people close-by who are going through the challenges of the industry with us, and provide them business to continue to have opportunities near their home.

What are some of the key features and details you wanted to make sure you tackled in the design process - from the perspective of style and aesthetic, as well as materials?

We are always on the move. Ensuring our pieces were cut out for our lifestyle of movement AND style was key to us. We really focused on ensuring our designs were comfortable while still flattering the body. Pairing the right silhouettes with fabric helped keep the integrity of the design and its shape. We used Tencel Linen for our pieces that hug the body, as they also are breathable. 100% Tencel was used for our designs in which we wanted to see the movement in every turn. Cupro provides a silky finish, and works wonders in our Vera dress, as it flatters when draped in the mid-section.

21LeftEdit_Eve_Comfort (2).jpg

I admire how you both talk about changing the way sustainable fashion is visually communicated. Can you tell me why we need to bring back the element of story-telling to editorials and campaigns? What is the story you want to tell through Left Edit?

We are visual creatures. A good visual has the power to evoke an action or not which pretty much determines the fate of your brand. The brands we love the most are typically the ones that caught our eye amidst the noise and were able to communicate a feeling through an image. We both see the value of storytelling and continue to ensure that everything we do is through the lens of the story we are trying to tell.

For this first collection, we focused on what makes us feel powerful. As women, our power is often taken for granted, taken away from us, or overlooked. We wanted to emphasize our power, design styles that allow us to move comfortably and confidently, but also show up -- styles that don’t allow you to fade into the background. Left Edit is for the woman that embraces who she is now -- but knows it’s powerful to continue to explore who she wants to be.

Image by:  Drew McGill

Image by: Drew McGill

The Left Edit Woman is making a difference. She is detaching from society’s expectations and finding her own thriving space that aligns with her values.
— Left Edit designers; KestreL Jenkins + Holly Olson
Image by:  Drew McGill

Image by: Drew McGill

Image by:  Drew McGill

Image by: Drew McGill

What have been some of the pleasures of creating a fresh, new label? And what have been some of the challenges?

Being innovative in design is one of the most exciting and most challenging elements of creating a new label. It has been exhilarating bringing our vision to life from concepts to branding to launching our Kickstarter. Knowing that the end product is an outcome of the work you put in has made for a very detailed and thoughtful process.

In the same vein - being truly innovative is difficult. There are so many brands in the world and only so many options for materials / solutions. Making sure we were being true to our vision and not falling into the trap of comparison was a challenge throughout our process. We had to really push each other to maintain a mindset of innovation when challenges would arise and an easy solve would have been to go down the path most traveled.

What is one thing we can do right now to support the Left Edit label?

SHARE! We are a few weeks away from the end of our campaign and need as much support as possible to hit our goal.

You can contribute by purchasing one of the 5 Left Edit debut dresses on our Kickstarter campaign or pledge an amount to help us hit our goal.

Any and all support during this phase of our brand is so appreciated.

What is your ultimate dream for the future of sustainable fashion?

That is it the new norm. Retailers are motivated to provide sustainable products because the demand is there. Mainstream shoppers ask questions about the story behind their products, like it’s a no brainer. People across the world and throughout supply chains will be paid living wages, and the fashion system will continue to iterate to reduce its environmental impact and transform its dirty nature.

Head on over to the Left Edit Kickstarter page to support the work of designers, Kestrel and Holly. You have until Friday, December 28 2018 1:45 AM AEDT.

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