a women’s empowerment journal that celebrates you, 365 days of the year

“I really wanted to write and put together something useful and timeless for any woman on a journey to being kinder to herself, about herself.
— Samata, Author and Founder THE TRIBE™

I am trying to help change the way Women talk to themselves, and about themselves. All Women. Period.
— Samata, Author and Founder THE TRIBE™

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Photo by: Max Herridge

Photo by: Max Herridge

What inspired and motivated you to create an empowerment journal for Women?

Photo: Max Herridge

Photo: Max Herridge

There were quite a few factors to be honest. Firstly, I was tired of being asked ‘What’s next?’. It feels like women are constantly being made to chase this moving goal post to be deemed ‘successful’ - when what we should be doing is standing still for a moment and realising that we already are. Also, I went through a period of time of about 2 years when I was ill, and then down as a result, and realised how much the way we talk to ourselves can prolong that agony, or cut it short, in a way. On top of that, whilst I work in a high pressure role as VP of Red Carpet Green Dress, I realised that women on the whole do not take or get enough time to celebrate who they already are before they are expected to, or expect themselves to, move on to the next big thing. It’s not so much about slowing down, it’s about realising that every day we already are enough.

Why do you think, in this time and space, us Women need something like this? Why the focus on Women specifically?

I think it's undeniable that women, whilst under more pressure than ever before, have fewer outlets to celebrate who they already are or pat themselves on the back for what they have already achieved. In short, although I wouldn't trade being a woman for anything else, we have a tough deal these days. Still, we conquer our days, or at least strive to. I have so many amazing women around me who just don’t see how kick-ass they are. Women juggling being mother, entrepreneurs, keeping fit, looking after their friends and family, pursuing their own passions, juggling relationships with the whole work life balance thing. You name it. Still, the way they talk about themselves is rarely with any degree of self-celebration. And I think that they should. So this is why I created this. A man is more likely to be able to advocate for himself, and talk positively about himself than a woman. I am trying to help change the way women talk to themselves, and about themselves. All women. Period.

What was one element you really wanted Women to take away from this journal?

 That who they already are is enough.

Why is the format of a daily journal so important? How has this helped you in your daily life?

How we start our days tends to dictate how is goes, so I wanted to get it in the mind from the get go - I Am Enough and this is why. As one of our TRIBESters said, “It’s a really kind and empowering thing to do for yourself.”

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Why is intention so important in our daily practice?

For me, intention literally means identifying something and making a plan about how to address it. So if we say, I will celebrate this thing, or I will challenge that negative thought with this, it is more than a preparation for winning, it is winning. It’s like a very light strategy for your day to keep you in a place where you are reminded that you are enough, and that you have done great things. It’s not seeking validation from anyone else, it’s giving it to yourself.

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What have Women been saying about their individual experience with the journal?

 It’s been really emotional! If you watch the full video you will see why. I don’t want to ruin anything, I will just say that even I was blown away by the reactions and results. Here are some of the things women have been saying…but watch the video, it’s amazing.

“For me, the journal represented something very personal...it represented a form of therapy.” - Genevieve

“Putting down my phone and writing in this is one of the kindest and most reinforcing things I have done for myself.” - Lotte

“Not gonna lie, a little tear may have come out. It’s hard being nice to yourself. Thanks for making me do it!” - Paula

"I’m really an emotional person so it’s nice to let bits of them out in moderation rather than me bursting and feeling overwhelmed with whatever feeling. I love it!" - Beth

Where can we get the journal?

Available worldwide through journal.the---tribe.com

Where your mind goes, the day follows. That’s why your morning mindset is so important. THE TRIBE™ Empowerment Journal is a 432 page bag-sized uplifting and unloading space, full of thought-provoking self-care content. Discover daily celebration spaces, intentions, questions, quotes and mind-maps, plus plenty of space for reflections and ideas too. Journey through engaging stories and 19 empowering lists, and be inspired by extracts from 10 interviews with women from THE TRIBE™ global community, a diverse representation of ages, ethnicities and industries – including science, art, fashion, business and activism. It’s a different kind of breakfast to start your day with! Find out more by visiting journal.the---tribe.com.