‘tommie style’ series for Fashion Revolution Week - a celebration of second hand, personal style.

As part of Fashion Revolution Week this year, I wanted to do something a little different. Last year we hosted our most popular event to date where we invited local, ethical fashion designers, on a group panel discussion, to share their stories and journey of what it takes to produce onshore here in Sydney. We also had a curated mini market with the designers’ ranges, as well as pieces from the tommie shop. It’s still to date an event people email about or talk about when they meet me, as it really was one of the first here in Sydney that put a spotlight on the finer details of locally made and the challenges and obstacles that come with it - along with the benefits, too.

To see the visual diary from the night, head here to get a feel for what our community gatherings are like.

This year instead of hosting an event, I wanted to put into practise an idea I’ve had for years, but hadn’t been able to execute up until this point, due to time constraints - an open style casting callout! Here at tommie our mission is to prove that fashion is for everyone, it’s not just for the privileged, elite and resourced - so we put an open casting callout via our socials + newsletters. The only criteria was that the outfit needed to be sustainable in one way or another; whether that be vintage, second hand, preloved, thrifted, worn more than 30 wears, mended, made locally, handmade, artisan made, up-cycled, new, made from regenerative fibres - you name it!

Here are our incredible eco ambassadors and every day activists using the power of dress to shake up the fashion system and prove sustainable fashion doesn’t mean compromising style.

Click on each image to learn all about who they are!

From left to right: Eva Lajt, Faye Delanty, Veronica Eulate + Natalie Shehata

All photos by: Nicole Wong exclusively for tommie