tommie shopping + personal styling tour

tommie shopping + personal styling tour


We’re super excited here at tommie to offer a new service we’ve been working hard on! Our ‘tommie tours’. These will differ each time, with the intention always remaining the same - to educate, raise awareness and bring people together to create connection, self expansion and new ways of living that are ethical and sustainable.

Our first tour is with tommie founder, editor + eco-stylist, Natalie Shehata. To learn a little more about Natalie, read here.

Natalie has been a stylist for 10 years, having gotten into the industry whilst studying a Bachelor of Commerce and realising very quickly that a job in the corporate world wasn’t for her. Everything she was learning in the lecture room, was the antithesis of how she lived her life and the values that she held. It wasn’t the future she wanted to contribute to and she knew she wanted to be of service in some other way - to do good in the world and make a difference.

Natalie has always had a fascination with the art of dress and how others present themselves to the world. For her, getting dressed is her art, it’s how she expresses herself most creatively - and how she allows herself the joy of play. Clothes really have the power to transform the way you feel, and the story you share with others visually.

“The way I choose to dress not only speaks to my love for self expression and individuality, but it also speaks more deeply about my ethics and the kind of world I want to live in and support. The clothes we choose to wear make a statement. The pieces you choose to invest in give voice to the marginalised, oppressed and they are powerful change-makers in proving that there are people behind the clothes we wear. Now is the time to consider how using your purchasing power can actually contribute to a more safe, fair and just world for the Women who make our clothes”, she says.

After years of working with brands, doing research and dressing and styling people - she wanted to offer all this knowledge and education back to our tommie community; to encourage and inspire you to shop with integrity, with your values front and centre.

On this walking tour around Sydney’s vibrant and inclusive Inner West, Natalie will not only educate you on the inner workings of fashion and what happens behind the seams, but she’ll also introduce you to some of her most favourite fashion boutiques, retailers, brands and second hand stores.

She will also be there to teach you her best styling tips - all the tricks of the trade made available to you exclusively on the day.

Why come along on this tommie tour?

  • If you are someone who wants to learn how to shop with an ethical and or sustainable outlook

  • If you’d like professional styling assistance and guidance on how best to choose pieces that will tie into your current wardrobe, but also fill in the gaps. Natalie will help you source garments that cater to your needs.

  • To learn how to exercise your purchasing power by shopping your values

  • If you want to learn more about the current state of the fashion industry and get an ethical fashion education - this tour is for you!

  • If you want to discover ethical fashion retailers that are made locally in Australia

  • If you want to meet and be in the company of like minded Women who care about style, substance + sustainability

Our first ‘tommie tour’ date is:

Saturday 1st June.

More details to come shortly!

Be the first to reserve your spot.

This tour will only go ahead if the minimum booking of 10 people are reached. There are no refunds available if you can not make it on the day.

If this event is cancelled by the organsier, you will receive a full refund and have the option of booking at a later pre-determined date.

You do not have to make any purchases on the day, and as we will be visiting second and charity stores, Natalie can not guarantee you will find the pieces you are after on this specific day.

This is the world of thrift; there are no guarantees.

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